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free VST fx plugins for use in Cockos Reaper

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On this page you can find a variety of simple yet unique VST effect plugins (Windows *.dll-files, 32 bit) which I coded for my own purposes as I couldn't find appropriate existing plugins for the tasks. I'm sharing them here free of charge. Please be aware that these plugins may not work at all in other DAWs! I have never tested it. Feel free to test it yourself. In case they do not work there's nothing that I can do about it, sorry. Please simply delete the dll file(s). However, the plugins do work very well in Reaper. I'm constantly using them.

I have no plans to port the plugins to other platforms (Linux, Mac, etc.) nor to make them compatible with other DAWs or to pimp their simplistic gui. In case anything does not work as expected (while using them in Reaper) you're welcome to report the issue. To install and use the plugins simply copy the dll files into the usual Vstplugin folder of your computer.

All plugin parameters are automatable - at least in Reaper, maybe also in other DAWs. The plugins are designed to be useful while working with LR/MS stereo signals or when dealing with multi-channel signals and multi-channel files respectively. Combining several plugins opens up very interesting processing options also. Multi-channel signals occur for example if one sets the input of a DAW's track to more than one channel, simplest case being regular stereo. However, Reaper allows to set track input count to other even-numbered values like 4-channel, 6-channel (5.1 surround), 8-channel (Ambisonics), 10-channel , etc.. Of course, the audio interface has to dispose of the according no. of physical inputs. Maximum no. of channels a single track in Reaper can handle are 64 channels (!) which results in a single interleaved 64-channel wave file being recorded. If you already have multi-channel files from other origins (field recorders, Ambisonics) you can of course use the appropriate plugins to process those files. Some plugins help to facilitate routing and channel management of multi-channel signals/files.

Important notice: All plugins come without any warranty. You may download and use them completely at your own risk and I explicitly refuse any liability in case anything goes wrong!

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AW_Stereo-Wizard (audio VST plugin)

to top of page download AW_Stereo Wizard (2018-03-26)

AW_SmoothFader (audio VST plugin)
  • in contrast to all the different volume automation envelope modes in Reaper (linear, fast, slow, etc.) this plugin actually produces very smooth and musical fades, notably very useful to get smooth fade-outs at the end of songs
  • this plugin should be placed at the end of the master track's fx chain, however, plugins that only analyze the audio and don't affect it audibly (scopes, vu-meters, etc.) should be placed behind this plugin
  • in order to create a smooth fade-out, insert an automation envelope for the "target level" parameter of the plugins and set the curve to the maximum value of 1 throughout the song
  • the characteristic of the automation envelope points for this particular envelope should be set to "linear"
  • at the desired location in the song (where the song fade-out should begin) insert a point into the target level envelope
  • appr. 12-20 sec. after the first point (depending on the feel of the song), draw a second point into the envelope and drag it down to the curve's minimum value of 0; the curve shows a simple linear fade going from maximum to minimum (1 to 0)
  • now play back the resp. automated section of the song. The plugin will create a very musical and smooth fade by smoothing out the original, linear envelope you've just drawn
  • note that the actual smoothed fade-out will last a bit longer than the underlaying linear fade
  • the "fade time" slider allows you to vary the smoothness of the fade; the default value of 6 sec. yields a very natural sounding fade, suitable for most occasions

to top of page download AW_SmoothFader (2018-04-26)

AW_MS_LR - simple (audio VST plugin)
  • converts left-right stereo signals (LR) to mid-side stereo (MS) or vice versa depending on the input signal
  • output volume trim
  • additional attenuation feature (6 dB pad) should be enganged when input signal is LR stereo to keep the level consistent
  • plugin's output can be toggled between stereo and mono to allow acoustical verification of mono compatibility
  • for instance, the plugin can be placed at the end of an MS processing chain that starts with the Stereo Wizard plugin to convert the processed signal back to LR stereo
AW_MS_LR - simple

to top of page download AW_MS_LR - simple (2018-03-26)

AW_multi-channel channel switcher 2x mono (audio VST plugin)
  • allows to listen to only the left or the right channel of a 2-channel (dual-mono or stereo) recording
  • main purpose of this plugin for me is the possibility to record a singer's voice with two mics simultaneously and then be able to later decide while mixing which mic fits the voice best by conveniently toggling the two mic signals - no track soloing/muting hassle involved
  • volume trim per channel allows retroactive level-matching of the two mics to render a/b-ing more meaningful
  • channel switching and level timming are automatable
AW_multi-channel channel switcher 2x mono

download AW_multi-channel channel switcher 2x mono (2018-02-04)

This plugin exists in 4 other useful variants:

AW_multi-channel_level_trimmer_4x_mono (audio VST plugin)
  • allows individual level-trimming of the 4 mono channels inside a 4-channel multichannel recording
  • trim faders are automatable

download AW_multi-channel_level_trimmer_4x_mono (2018-03-26)

This plugin comes 3 in other useful variants:

AW_multi-channel patcher 1-8 (audio VST plugin)
  • can re-order the 8 input channels coming into the DAW form an audio interfaces (or the channels of a multichannel file) in any way you like/need
  • channels that are not needed can be muted (position "none")
  • input channels can be splitted to several outputs
  • channels in surround or Ambisonics signals/files can easily be re-ordered
  • automatable, digital patchbay right inside a DAW's track!
  • example: during a drum recording, it may have been impossible to patch all channels in the desired order due to patchbay or audio interface limitations or other restrictions. By using this plugin, you can easily re-order all channels the way you want. In Reaper, it's possible to put the plugin into the input fx section. This will enable you to re-order channels on the fly before they even get recorded. Of course, you can also use the plugin in the "normal" track fx section to re-patch channels during mixdown.
AW_multi-channel patcher 1-8

download AW_multi-channel patcher 1-8 (2018-03-26)

to top of page Also available in a 16-channel version: AW_multi-channel patcher 1-16 (2018-02-24)

AW_multi-channel patcher 8 ins to 2 outs (audio VST plugin)
  • allows you to pick 2 arbitrary (also non-adjacent!) channels of an 8-channel multichannel file/signal
  • a channel that is not needed can be muted (position "none")
  • selection is automatable
AW_multi-channel patcher 8 ins to 2 outs

download AW_multi-channel patcher 8 ins to 2 outs (2018-03-26)

zum Seitenanfang Also available in a 16-input version: AW_multi-channel patcher 16 ins to 2 outs (2018-03-26)

AW_multi-channel polarity flip x8 (audio VST plugin)
  • each mono channel of an 8-channel-multichannel signal can be individually polarity-flipped
AW_multi-channel polarity flip x8

to top of page download AW_multi-channel polarity flip x8 (2018-02-04)

AW_multi-channel mute_mono_x8 (audio VST plugin)
  • each mono channel of an 8-channel-multichannel signal can be muted individually
AW_multi-channel mute_mono_x8

download AW_multi-channel mute_mono_x8 (2018-03-27)

to top of page Also available in a 4x stereo version: AW_multi-channel mute_stereo_x4: Each of the 4 stereo streams of an 8-channel-multichannel file can be individually muted (2018-03-27)

AW_crossfader_2x_stereo (audio VST plugin)
  • allows to cross-fade between or make a blend of 2 stereo streams of a 4-channel-multichannel signal
  • level trim for both stereo signals
  • switch to mute each stereo signal
  • output mix level of plugin can be adjusted

download AW_crossfader_2x_stereo (2018-08-27)

Also available in a 2x mono version: AW_crossfader_2x_mono: Can crossfade/mix/blend together 2 mono signals, for example the two mics of a guitar amp recording (2018-08-27) to top of page

AW_stereo channel selector (audio VST plugin)
  • allows to monitor all possible variants of a dual-mono or stereo signal
  • stereo
  • L+R (mono, mid channel, M)
  • left channel only
  • right channel only
  • LR channel swap
  • L-R (difference)
  • L-R (side channel, S)
AW_stereo channel selector

to top of page download AW_stereo channel selector (2018-03-26)

AW_mono switch (audio VST plugin)
  • simple stereo/mono toggle switch
  • automatable
AW_mono switch

to top of page download AW_mono switch (2018-03-26)

AW_in-track_send_fx_router (audio VST plugin)
  • allows to use an insert fx as if it was a send fx inside of a track
  • dedicated mute features as well as dedicated level trimmers for wet and "virtual" send signal
  • one benefit of using this plugin is that you can for instance mute the direct signal to only listen to the wet signal for verification purposes
  • the send signal is routed via channels 3 and 4 of the track (pin routing); you may have to manually set the track's channel count to 4
  • you have to set the input of the actual send effect plugin (following my plugin) to pins 3 and 4 and then add a mixer plugin to combine the wet and the dry signal

to top of page download AW_in-track_send_fx_router (2018-03-26)

AW_8-channel_MS-encoder (audio VST plugin)
  • can toggle each of the 4 stereo streams of an 8-channel-multichannel signal (or file) between LR and MS stereo

to top of page download AW_8-channel_MS-encoder (2018-03-27)

AW_selective multi-channel monitoring (audio VST plugin)
  • suitable for 8-channel-multichannel signals/files
  • allows to individually monitor any combination of channels of a multichannel signal/file from mono to 6-channel
  • top-most slider determins the monitoring mode (no. of channels to be monitored); depending on its state, one of the following sliders becomes active to choose the desired channel or combination of channels to be monitored
  • you can monitor each individual mono channel
  • you can monitor each of the seven possible 2-channel-pairs (1-2, 2-3, 3-4, 4-5, 5-6, 6-7, 7-8)
  • you can monitor each of the six adjacent 3-channel groups (1-3, 2-4, 3-5, 4-6, 5-7, 6-8)
  • you can monitor each of the five adjacent 4-channel groups (1-4, 2-5, 3-6, 4-7, 5-8)
  • you can monitor each of the four adjacent 5-channel groups (1-5, 2-6, 3-7, 4-8)
  • you can monitor each of the three adjacent 6-channel groups (1-6, 2-7, 3-8)
  • level trim for each channel
  • very useful when converting surround channel assignments or when extracting channels from Ambisonic files
  • in some cases it may be clever to place the 8- or 16-channel patching plugin in front of or behind this plugin
  • the screenshot shows the plugin in "3-channel mode", where the slider for the triplet groups is set to monitor channels 5-7. Group selection sliders for other channel counts are inactive in this mode, however level trims are always working
AW_selective multi-channel monitoring

to top of page download AW_selective multi-channel monitoring (2018-03-27)

AW_downmixer_4x_stereo_to_1x_stereo (audio VST plugin)
  • mixes the 4 stereo signals of a 4-channel multichannel signal
  • level trim for each stereo stream
  • mixer output level trim

Download AW_downmixer_4x_stereo_to_1x_stereo (2018-03-27)

This plugin comes in 6 other variants:

AW_MIDI_ProgramChange_Broadcaster (MIDI VST plugin)
  • sends MIDI Program Changes from PC 001 through PC 128
  • can toggle keyboard sounds
  • can toggle other presets and programs
  • can remote control programs/parameters of external devices like MIDI-fied guitar effect machines and digital mixing consoles
  • program change toggling can be automated

to top of page download AW_MIDI_ProgramChange_Broadcaster (2018-04-05)

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